About me and the blog

I find it extremely fascinating to automate and digitally control things. If I hadn’t studied chemistry, it would probably have become computer science.   But now I am working professionally on the development of industrial lubricants and have put the world of bits and bytes into my spare time. I’ve been working with computers and a little programming for a long time, I came to the electrical circuits only a few years ago through the fascinating Raspberry Pi with its GPIOs. But I quickly realized that I felt the need not only to put projects together on the breadboard, but also to install them firmly. Since the Raspberry Pi is usually too big, too expensive, too power-swallowing for battery operation and simply completely exaggerated, I came to microcontrollers via the Arduino. And I would now like to share the experiences I have had. 

But why another blog about Arduino and Co? They really exist like sand by the sea and somehow everything has been tried and described somewhere already. Well, as part of the research for my own experiments and projects, I have repeatedly experienced that in one place or another crucial information was missing, which then – to the annoyance of my family – did cost me many additional hours. That doesn’t mean I’m insinuating other authors negligence. The problem is much more often that everyone has a different level of experience and requires something similar for their readers. Perhaps I can give you the decisive clue at one point or another.

I am neither a trained or studied computer scientist or electronics technician. Therefore, please forgive me if I realize things in one place or another in a way that experts of these guilds might not do. For every comment I am grateful to get better. And most importantly, everything you try to replicate according to my instructions happens at your own risk, because mistakes are human! Please check each circuit yourself before activating it.